Black Plastic Fire-Safe Wastebasket, Trash Can

This fire-retardant wastebasket has been engineered in a way that the plastic walls will collapse inward in the event of a fire, stifling the supply of oxygen to the fire and extinguishing it. It doesn’t take long for a garbage can fire to melt through plastic wastebaskets and spread throughout an entire office, hotel, or hospital; this wastebasket has been designed to stop fires and prevent disasters.

This wastebasket has a 20.4 qts. capacity and weighs 2.85 lbs.

It is 15″ tall and has a diameter of 10″.

    These fire-safe wastebaskets are well suited in any area where fire is a concern:

  • Hotel rooms where cigarettes may be thrown out.
  • Office buildings where garbage cans are filled with dry paper.
  • This wastebasket has been certified by the California State Fire marshall.


Video demonstration of one of our fire safe wastebaskets versus a traditional plastic wastebasket in the event of a fire.

Additional information

Weight 2.85 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 in