Desk Pad With Faux Leather Side Panels (18×24)

Desktop-grade linoleum desk pads, with hand-wrapped genuine top grain faux leather side panels. These desk pads have square corners and faux-suede backing.

About our protective and desk pads with side rails

  • genuine padded leather side rails
  • easily cleaned using light soap and warm water
  • personalization available
  • we use smooth matte linoleum and soft padded leather
  • doesn’t show oils from fingerprints or handprints
  • engineered to minimize the appearance of scratches


Linoleum Color * 

If you're looking for a classic desk pad, desk mat, placemat, or blotter, you've come to the right place.

Our environmentally friendly linoleum desk pads feature a warm and comfortable writing surface. Linoleum provides a matte, low light reflective surface, doesn’t absorb or visually show oils from fingerprints or handprints, and was specifically engineered to and minimize the appearance of scratches. The durable linoleum surface absorbs the scuffs and scrapes of everyday use, while the faux suede backing helps keep solid wood, wood veneer, or laminated work surfaces clean and scratch-free. The genuine leather side panels enhance the natural subdued beauty of the linoleum, and add a subtle touch of elegance to your workspace.

The side panels can also be made in other leather colors or materials to suit your preference. Company or personal logos or graphics can be blind embossed, or gold or silver foil embossed on the leather side panels, or gold or silver foil embossed on the linoleum.

All Prestige Office Accessories are made in the USA.

About the writing surface:

Linoleum is our firmest writing surface, providing just a slight bit of surface give. Considered by many to be the ideal writing surface, linoleum is moderately warm and comfortable to the touch.


1/8” thick Masonite (hardboard) core for maximum strength and durability

Backing material:

Black, woven faux suede, selected for its resistance to staining, and ease of maintenance.

About Faux Leather:

Surface: 100% polyurthane

Back: 100% reinforced Pollex

Superior wear resistance (ASTM D 3597 Wyzenbeek) exceeds 100,000 double rubs.

Nature friendly, PVC free construction, passes the Oeko-tex standard 100. Supple leather touch with exceptional strength and performance. Cold-crack resistant, mildew resistant backing. Anti-bacterial/Anti-microbial treatment.

Faux Leather care:

Care and cleaning: Spot clean with mild soap and water with a damp cloth.DO NOT USE ALCOHOL BASED CLEANERS. Air dry or lint free cloth.

About our Linoleum:

Desktop linoleum is an all-natural “green” product, made from renewable natural materials. In addition to being fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly, linoleum is hygienic, fire-resistant, anti-static, and antibacterial. Please note that under normal use, linoleum may mar or show surface scratches over time – this is the nature of the material and not a defect.

Linoleum care:

Linoleum can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a warm, damp cloth and a small amount of a neutral detergent.

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