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Prestige Office Accessories supplies full grain leather bookends for storing and displaying your favorite books, articles and other items in a bookshelf. Protecting your books, letters and magazines, and keeping your bookshelf organized and clean can be hard without the right bookends. Books are always falling off the shelf or tipping over and leaving them in a tilted position can warp the book by damaging the binding. Other items like files, magazines, folders and the like, present their own unique problems.

This can become an expensive issue when the books are valuable or when they are constantly being taken off the shelf and put back in again. Book ends or book supports were invented to prevent books from falling off or tipping over and to hold them in an upright position. A good bookend is one that can easily be moved, works well on any shelf design, and can offer firm and steady support to books of any size, weight, height or style. The best bookend is one that can do all these things and still be stylish, good looking addition to your bookshelf.

At Prestige Office Accessories, we have book ends that come in a variety of styles and finishes. The most popular form is the T-shaped bookend. It consists of a base plate which slides under an end book of a row of books and an upright support perpendicular to the base located in the center of the base plate. This support contacts the outside cover of the end book to support the books in an upright position. When a book is removed from the row, you have to reposition the bookend so that the rest of the books don’t tilt over and tip the bookend. This type of bookend must be positioned squarely against the end book or it won’t be able to support the books in an upright position. Unusually large or heavy books will require a larger base plate.

Leather Bookends:

Our book ends offer the finest in traditional design through the richness of top-grain domestic leather and were designed specifically for the discerning executive who appreciates quality. They are available in a variety of leather colors including Black, Chestnut Brown, Espresso Brown, Forest Green, Graphite Gray, and Midnight Blue. Meticulously hand-wrapped in luxurious full-grain upholstery leather, their classic rectilinear design is sure to add a touch of elegance to your office or workspace. Please note that leather items in colors other than black, are considered custom products. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for important information pertaining to custom product orders. Product Dimensions are 6″ W x 6″ H (each).