Desk Pad Buying Guide

Shapes and Sizes

Standard Sizes

Custom Sized Desk Pads

Standard Sizes

While we can manufacture desk pads in any size that a customer desires. We offer the following standard sizes on most pads:

12×16, 19×24,
12×18, 20×34,
16×20, 24×36,
17×22, 18×24,
and 24×38

Custom Sized Desk Pads

We can make desk pads in almost any size or shape. Our one-piece pads are limited by the sizes of the raw materials that we use.  However, we can easily fabricate two-piece desk pads to accommodate L shaped desks, oversized desks, or desks with curves in them.  One piece limits: Vinyl: 52″x 96″, Leather: 48″x 60″, and Linoleum: 24″x 38″.


Classic Leather Desk Pads

Our classic leather pads have a 1/8″ thick hardboard core, are wrapped in full-grain leather, and are backed with non-slip faux-suede. This leather comes from top quality raw hides. Because it does not need to be sanded to remove imperfections, the end product is thick and durable.

Classic Pagoda Leather

Classic Smooth Pebble Leather

Classic Straw Leather

Distressed Leather Desk Pads

Our antique leather is precision dyed before being hand distressed to give each hide unique gradients across the surface. Each color of this leather has a distinct appearance with a worn-in, matte finish. These desk pads are hand wrapped around a 1/8″ thick piece of high quality hardboard and are backed with non-slip faux-suede.

Distressed Balsamic Leather

Distressed Viridian Leather

Distressed Nickel Leather

Distressed Lapis Leather

Distressed Mussel Leather

Glazed Leather Desk Pads

Our full-grain gloss leather pads have a shiny finish and feature deep, rich colors and patterns. We offer these leathers as fully wrapped desk pads or as accent colors on desk pads with side rails. These desk pads have a rigid 1/8″ thick hardboard core and non-slip faux-suede backing.

Faux Leather Desk Pads

We offer Faux Leather(vinyl) desk pads in five standard colors with varying textures and patterns. Vinyl has a matte surface with a distinctive leather-like grain, while maintaining a lower price point than leather. It is comfortable to the touch and easy to clean and care for with a little soap and warm water.

Ocean Vinyl

Baltic Vinyl

Sandy Vinyl

Straw Vinyl

Linoleum Desk Pads

Linoleum is an all-natural material, made from renewable natural materials. It is biodegradable, antibacterial and extremely hygienic. It doesn’t absorb or show oils from fingerprints or hand-prints, is heat resistant, and is engineered to minimize the appearance of scratches. Its matte surface prevents glare while its faux-suede backing prevents slipping.

Custom Desk Pad Details

Side Panels

A defining factor in the style of desk pads is often whether or not it features side panels or rails. We manufacture and offer linoleum desk pads with any of our standard leather colors. Additionally we offer multiple combinations of leather, vinyl, or linoleum.

Square and Radius Corners

All of our standard desk pads come with 1″ radius corners, but we can easily manufacture desk pads with square corners to fit on any surface.

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