Coaster Sets | Product Information

Prestige Office Accessories offers several sets of linoleum coaster sets providing you with a valuable protective function apart from its decorative value. A coaster is a popular office accessory designed to be used as a placemat underneath a liquid container such as glass or cup. It is typically used to protect all kinds of office furniture from desks and tables to even our rugs and floors.

What Can The Coaster Do For You?

The construction and design of the coaster serves two very important functions. The idea is to protect the surface of furniture when the container is sitting on the coaster and once the container has been taken off the coaster. When used with a glass of cold liquid, for instance, a coaster collects and absorbs the moisture that condenses on the outside of the glass and runs down the side of the container. The stitched flange surrounding the base collects the moisture, stopping it from flowing onto the surface of the desk or table, and then absorbs it preventing it from being transferred to the glass as it is taken off the coaster. This keeps the glass dry so that the moisture doesn’t drip either along the top of the furniture or on the floor or carpet.


How is the Coaster Made?

Usually circular or rectangle in shape, a coaster typically consists of three layers: an upper and lower pad separated by a liquid barrier material. Designed for both cold and hot drinks, the upper layer is a liquid absorbing material while the lower layer is a thermal insulating material. The middle layer protects the lower insulating material from any moisture thereby maintaining its dry operable condition. The base of the coaster, on which the container sits, is usually surrounded by a stitched flange that rises above or below the base and is big enough so that a glass or cup will may be seated on the base just inside the flange.

Made with a special kind of linoleum, called “furniture lineoleum”, our coasters are made with three layers:

  • 1. A layer of impregnated paper or jute
  • 2. The linoleum granulate, which consists of oxidized linseed oil and rosin, to which wood flour and pigments have been added
  • 3. A coat of varnish

In the first stage, a calendar is used to roll the linoleum granulate onto the impregnated paper or jute. Once it’s been dried, the linoleum is coated with a cross-linked PU/Acrylic varnish, which minimizes the irritating effects of light reflection.


Our coaster sets can be used for drinking glasses, beverages, coffee cups, disposable cups, soft drink cans, glass and bar ware, plates and many other implements. These coaster sets can be used in virtually any office or industrial environment – they are as well-suited for use on desks and other furniture situated on the shop floor of a manufacturing facility as they are in the workstations or executive suites of Fortune 500 companies. Their inherent anti-static, dust free and soft tactile qualities give the linoleum coaster a warm ergonomic quality making a favorite of, among other places, banks, hospitals, hotels, libraries, law firms, U.S. Government and Military offices, industrial facilities, schools, universities, commercial office environments, large corporate headquarters, and small businesses all over the world.

Why Select a Linoleum Coaster?

When selecting a coaster, your decision should be based on a variety of reasons the most important one being the material of construction. Linoleum itself is extremely long lasting and flexible in terms of design possibilities. Coated with a glare-free matte finish, the linoleum coaster has an elegant, luxurious appearance. In addition to its “natural look”, linoleum’s unique tactile qualities give it a warm, slightly springy surface, that make it a pleasure to touch. The result is a resilient placemat, that is highly pleasing to the eye.

Linoleum is often chosen by many for its ease of care and use, as well as its ability to withstand the rigors of everyday use. As minor surface scratches tend to “cure” and disappear over time, it is often selected for use in high-traffic or high volume work flows. That said however, it is still used by many people in other environments, who simply prefer the subtle resilience that is characteristic of a linoleum coaster.