Conference Table Pads | Product Information

We Offer Rectangular, Oval, Arch & Racetrack Shaped Conference Table Pads.

As is the case with our desk pads, these conference table pads are faux suede backed, helping to protect conference tables and stop sliding or sticking on wood surfaces.

Leather Conference Pads

Leather desk pad
View our Leather Conference Table Pads

  • genuine top grain leather
  • wide variety of colors
  • all of the look and feel of natural leather

Vinyl Conference Pads

Vinyl desk blotter
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  • water resistant and very easy to clean
  • leather-like imprinted grain patterns
  • 100% synthetic material

Linoleum Conference Pads

Linoleum desk pads
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  • affordably priced for bulk orders of conference pads
  • light-weight and flexible
  • linoleum conference pads ships fast

Conference Table Pads Work Well To Protect:

  • dinette tables
  • dining room tables
  • end tables
  • window casements
  • piano tops
  • servers and buffet tables
  • glass, lacquer and even stone tables

We Manufacture Conference Pads For All Industries

  • executive desk pads for residential offices
  • individual pads for tellers or bank managers
  • corporate logo embossed conference pads for investment firms
  • desk pads with casinos, hostipal, or hotel logos
  • classic leather desk pads for lawyers and law firms
  • individual placemats for restaurants

Individual Conference Table Work Surfaces

Our conference table pads are smaller than traditional desk pads and can be placed in front of each chair in a conference room. Conference pads enhance the appearance of the conference rooms and provide a comfortable and personal workspace for people seated at the table. These pads protect the surface of the conference table from any damage and are sized to fit neatly around the perimeter of most boardroom tables.

Placemats For Food and Beverage Protection

All of our desk pads function very well as a placemats and offer surface protection against heat, accidental spills, nicks, gouges, and water stains. They can be utilized as an elegant and professional alternative to plastic or paper placemats and tablecloths. Please contact us at (877) 337-5723 or [mail-to] for information on these pads, which can be sized for individual use, or as sets of conference table pads.

Sample Photos Of Our Linoleum Conference Pads

Linoleum Conference Pad EdgingLinoleum Conference Pad Edging

Linoleum Conference Pad with iPadLinoleum conference pad with an iPad mini

Conference Pad Faux Suede BackingLinoleum conference pad faux suede backing

Linoleum Conference Pad with ComputerLinoleum conference pad with a laptop computer

Why Select a Linoleum Conference Table Pad?

Linoleum is extremely long lasting and offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of design possibilities. Coated with a glare-free matte surface finish, linoleum conference table pads exude an elegant, luxurious appearance.

In addition to its natural look, linoleum’s unique tactile qualities give it a warm, slightly springy surface, making it a pleasure to touch and resulting in a comfortable, yet resilient and highly functional writing surface. Due to the fact that minor surface scratches on linoleum tend to “cure” and disappear over time, linoleum is chosen by many simply for its ease of care, as well as its ability to withstand the rigors of everyday use.