Edge leather desk pad

Mar 1, 2019

Edge leather desk pad is part of our Prestigious line of office accessories that will improve your workplace efficiency through its supreme quality and artistic design. Edge leather desk pad comes in our standard 14”x24” size which makes it ideal for office desks and other work areas. This model is equipped with a non-slip suede backing which also helps to protect your desktop. Another feature which contributes to the work efficiency is the front lip design that helps the pad to stay in place while working.   The Edge Series desk pads are truly a work of art and are created utilizing heavy gauge steel and enfolded utilizing high-quality leather for ideal resilience and protection. The Edge series desk pads are ideal for your conference room table, office workstation, or your office L shaped desks. By choosing one of our bright leather colors from the Edge series desk pads you may add a unique flair to your open office. These firm writing leather desk pads are not only comfortable, but they are also firm which contributes to enhancing your writing quality and comfort. Another unique feature is the 90 Degree front edge which allows the desk pad to be used without having to hold it in place when writing.