Ever felt like your gaming skills could use a boost?  A quality gaming desk pad can make all the difference when speed and control are in question. With continual improvements made in online video game graphics and sensitivity, top gamers need the right equipment to keep them at the top of their game, literally.

Imagine this: you’re playing your favorite online game, and every move you make counts. That’s where a gaming desk pad comes in handy. It’s like having a secret weapon that helps you move faster and control your game better.

Do I Need a Gaming Desk Pad?

The short answer is yes. 

Gaming desk pads aren’t just for looks. They actually protect your gaming surface from scratches and help your mouse move smoothly. Without one, your mouse could get worn out faster, and that could mean losing out on those epic wins.

But not all desk pads are created equal. You’ve gotta pick the right one for your style of gaming. A leather desk pad can really improve the overall look of your gaming set up and really tie your theme together.

Let’s talk materials

Choosing the proper gaming desk pad depends on a variety of factors including the material of your desk or table where you game, the type of mouse you have, and the actual video game itself. 

Prestige offers a wide variety of quality custom gaming desk pads that are perfect for every scenario including:

  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Linoleum 

Leather Gaming Desk Pads

Soft material gaming desk pads provide premium protection for your mouse feet and your gaming setup surface. Prestige’s high-quality leather gaming desk pads also provide extra comfort to your wrist while you game. 

Leather gaming desk pads provide more control because of the increased friction of the material, giving you control of each specific movement. Leather gaming desk pads are ideal for FPS (first person shooter) online games such as Call of Duty because they provide greater precision for crosshair and aim movement. However, it is important to note that because of the increased friction to provide precision movement, there is a corresponding decrease in mouse movement speed. They also are equipped with a no-slip, grip bottom so it will always stay in place. 

Vinyl and Linoleum Gaming Desk Pads

Hard material gaming desk pads provide optimum speed with little effort on your part. Prestige provides vinyl and linoleum gaming desk pads that are ideal for fast paced movements and quick reactions. 

Because of the smooth, hard surface, hard gaming desk pads reduce the friction between the mouse and the pad, provide a higher level of motion sensitivity, and are easy to clean from dust or sweat. Prestige’s vinyl and linoleum gaming desk pads also offer no-slip, grip bottoms so keep it in place. 

How to Clean a Gaming Desk Pad

Over time, gaming desk pads can accumulate a variety of different debris from the environment which can affect the sensitivity of your mouse and how easily it moves across the surface of the gaming pad. Luckily, Prestige’s gaming desk pads are easy to clean! 

We recommend using warm water and dish soap or hand soap to clean both cloth and hard gaming pads. Simply use a damp cloth on the gaming desk pad, apply a small amount of soap, and gently rub the surface until clean.  

Create Your Custom Gaming Desk Pad

And guess what? You can even customize your own gaming desk pad! Choose the size, color, and even add your own design to make it totally unique.

So, level up your gaming setup with a quality desk pad from Prestige. It’s game time! 🎮