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Prestige Office Accessories is pleased to offer a line of leather desk accessories giving you a classic assortment of desk tools for your office environment. Made from genuine full-grain upholstery leather, these desk accessories include a diverse collection of tools such as pencil cups, book style calendars, single and double letter trays, single and double pen bases, library sets and pencil cup holders. Softer than your typical plastic or metal accessories, leather desk accessories are a great compliment to a office setting where style and elegance are important. For more information on desk accessories in general, visit Desk Accessories.

What Do Leather Desk Accessories Do For You?

Our current selection of leather desk accessories serve a variety of functions allowing you to organize, store and decorate in new and creative ways that will save you space and increase office efficiency. The modern office environment rewards those who are the most efficient in everything they do. Efficient use of office space allows you and your workers to be more productive, thereby increasing profits as well as employee happiness. The typical modern office space, whether in a corporate environment or a home office, now has a personal computer which has become as indispensable as the phone, fax or file cabinet. The problem is that the computer can take up a considerable amount of desktop space and reduce the space available for laying paper, pads, CD and diskette holders, and other items which compete for space in the office environment. To reduce costs many large corporate environments have resorted to partioning employees into cubicles leaving them no room to work effectively. With this in mind, our leather desk accessories were designed to save space, increase visual appearance, or increase office efficiency.

Construction of Leather Desk Accessories

Our leather desk accessories are made from genuine full-grain upholstery leather imported from Europe. Stronger, longer lasting, more comfortable and soft to the touch, this leather requires less surface finish, allowing its natural beauty to show. Using a water soluble aniline dye that completely penetrates the leather, capturing the color forever, each desk accessory is dyed to a variety of shades and colors. No other finishes or pigments are applied, keeping the leather natural showing off its natural grain, giving it excellent tooling, polishing and re-dyeing properties.


It is a common occurrence in busy executive and office environments to be innundated with large numbers of the books, reports and loose papers which constitute a mix of completed tasks, work in progress and a variety of materials regularly or somewhat less often referred to in the normal business day. Anyone who has worked in an office knows that she or he will need numerous desk implements to carry out his or her duties. When you are working with or have to constantly be in the process of making a reference to a multiplicity of articles, i.e., notes, letters, reports and books and the like, on a desk or other work surface, your efforts are significantly reduced by the difficulty necessarily inherent in repeatedly locating, picking up, repositioning and returning these materials to various locations and orientations on the desk.

Our leather desk accessories can solve this problem in a clean and effective way. As number and variety of accessories continues to grow, i.e., staplers, rulers, letter openers, scissors, adhesive tape and paper clips, pens and pencils, computer peripherals, so does the need to organize all these tools into an orderly fashion. Even with a relatively uncluttered desktop, the need to repeatedly refer to several papers or documents or books in an efficient manner often leaves you wishing for more than two hands. Our leather desk accessories, are best equipped for the busy office environment where organization and space is at a premium. They can organize work surfaces at busy counters in a library, at application windows in large university or at busy processing environments like an airport or hotel.

Why Select Leather Desk Accessories?

When selecting a leather desk accesory, your decision is often predicated by aesthetic concerns. Our leather is extremely soft and luxurious material that affects all our senses in a certain way. It was specifically chosen for its ease of care and use, as well as its ability to enhance the surface it covers and the surrounding environment. As affordable desk, table or work organizational tools , our desk accessories will save you space, increase the efficiency of your office, while offering a luxurious and traditional appearance that can only enhance your desk and office decor.

Our Collection of Leather Desk Accessories