Leather Desk Pads | Product Information

Prestige Office Accessories is proud to offer you a selection of beautiful genuine leather desk pads. These desk pads impart a sensual and formal elegance that only the finest genuine aniline leather can provide. Wonderful to write on, as well as supple and soft to the touch, these desk pads will protect your favorite desk or table from all kinds of scratches and scrapes. Resilient, comfortable and durable, our leather desk pads have a warm robust beauty that will enhance your desk or worksurface; a look that will only improve, as these leather desk pads will develop a rich patina as they age. Our leather desk pads, as well as our other fine genuine leather desk and office accessories, are all available in many different colors, see the color chart here.

Our Collection of Leather Desk Pads

Backing Material:

Black, woven faux suede, selected for its resistance to staining, and ease of maintenance.

About Our Leather:

Leather is a natural product, and may therefore display slight variations in grain pattern, texture, color, and finish. These naturally occurring characteristics, unique to each hide, are your assurance of true top-grain leather, and are not considered defects. It is this uniqueness that affords one the luxury of owning a true “one-of-a-kind”.

Leather Care:

Finished leather has a breathable, protective finish and is easily maintained by wiping with a cool, damp cloth. For tougher soiling, a small amount of pH balanced soap may be used as well. Repeat if needed. Please note that certain inks or stains cannot be removed from leather, so please exercise caution when attempting to remove such markings. Remember that leathers are all natural “skins”, so treat them as you would treat your own skin. With proper care and maintenance, you’re sure to get many years of use and enjoyment from your leather desk pad.

Quick Facts About Our Leather Desk Pads:

Functions of Leather Desk Pads:

A leather desk pad from Prestige Office Accessories performs four main functions:
  • It provides an elegant and comfortable writing surface. (Please note that we feature two types of leather desk pad: A “full wrap” leather desk pad; wherein the entire writing surface is encased in warm, soft leather, as well as a leather side panel desk pad, a classic design, on which the writing surface is our all-natural linoleum. This is ideal for those who prefer a slightly firmer writing surface, but still desire the beautiful leather side panels.) A protective suede backing is applied to all of our leather desk pads, which serves to cushion the desk or worksurface from the pad itself, as well as to keep the pad situated in place. If you are looking for a beautiful, yet functional leather desk pad that makes a statement, look no further.
  • It helps to protect the surface it covers from the effects of writing and other daily activities. In addition to providing a beautiful and functional writing surface, either of the leather desk pad designs we offer will help to protect your desk or worksurface from the forces associated with writing, as well as from the scratches, scrapes, nicks, etc., that can be caused by staples, staplers, paper clips, file folders, and the like.
  • It serves as a temporary storage area for notes, files, papers, and magazines. In our day-to-day work activity, piles of paperwork, magazines, and the like tend to accumulate. Until these items are disposed of or filed, they typically remain on the desktop or worksurface. Placing them on a leather desk pad eliminates the possibility of scratches occurring as these items are pulled across or moved about the desk, and protects against other potential surface damages that may be caused by staples, binder clips, paper clips, as well as by the weight of the piles themselves.
  • It is aesthetically appealing, thus satisfactorily meeting the design requirements of the classic, contemporary, or modern workplace, as well as the home office environment. The leather desk pad’s beautiful, natural grain, which is available in six luxurious colors, serves to complement virtually any decor. While the aesthetics of our desk pads serve to enhance the appearance of the desk or worksurface in the home office, they are equally attractive to designers of commercial office interiors, as they allow them a great deal of design flexibility and project scope.

Construction of The Leather Desk Pad:

All of our leather desk pads are fabricated of a corrected, full-grain, aniline dyed, upholstery leather, that has been coated with a durable, breathable protective finish.

A Simplified Version of the Process is as Follows:

In the first step, the natural leather hide is immersed in a “dye bath” until it has achieved the desired level of dye penetration. In addition to adding the desired color, this process helps to preserve the grain and pore structure of the leather, thereby allowing its natural and distinctive markings to show. The surface of the leather is then sealed to protect it from from staining, by the application of a durable yet breathable finish coat. This process helps to maintain and preserve the moisture content of the leather, and assures a proper pH balance. The leather hide is then processed for a variety of uses, among them accessories, desk pads, upholstery, and other architectural applications.

Applications For the Leather Desk Pad:

Leather is typically the material of choice for desk pads that are recommended, specified, or purchased by discriminating architects, and commercial and residential office designers. Its inherent quality and aesthetic appeal, combined with its overall functionality, make it suitable for use in virtually any type of office environment. Leather desk pads are as well-suited for use on desks or worksurfaces in the home office environment, as they are in banks, retail outlets, or in the workstations or executive suites and conference rooms of government officials or Fortune 500 companies.

Their tactile qualities of warmth and softness, combined with their naturally grained surface, imbue them with many of the desired ergonomic characteristics required to serve, for many individuals, as an ideal replacement for the mouse pad. Whether you choose our standard Black leather, or one of the five other beautiful colors offered, the leather will attain a rich patina over time, that only serves to further enhance its beauty and appeal. You will find our Leather Desk Pads used in, among other places, home or residential offices, banks, investment firms, hospitals, physician’s offices, hotels, casinos, libraries, law firms, schools, colleges and universities, retail outlets, commercial offices, corporate headquarters, small businesses, U.S. and foreign embassies, and in U.S. Government and Military offices and facilities worldwide.

So Why Select a Leather Desk Pad?

Leather is a long-lasting, all-natural material, which, in conjunction with the variety of color choices offered, presents considerable flexibility in terms of design possibilities. While a leather desk pad exudes an elegant, luxurious appearance, it also provides a very high degree of functionality, as it is virtually glare-free, and possesses a smooth, warm surface, that is slightly springy and pleasing to the touch. This results in a very comfortable and resilient work and writing surface. Leather desk pads stand up well to the rigors of everyday office use, and are easy to care for. Under normal conditions, a periodic wipe with a damp cloth should prove a sufficient means of cleaning. We do not recommend the use of harsh cleansers, mink oil, and so on, as they can serve to either clog the leather’s pores, or strip off the protective surface finish.

In Summary, the Advantages of Leather Desk Pads Are:

  • Six Luxurious Color Choices
  • Beautiful All-Natural Elegance, which is Enhanced by Age
  • Two Different Styles of Desk Pads are offered
  • Ease of Care
  • Glare-Free Surface Finish
  • Ergonomic Qualities – Smooth, Grained Finish, which is Warm and Slightly Springy
  • Durability
  • Increases Design Versatility and Project Scope