Leather Pouches

Sep 1, 2015


Our new leather pouches come in two sizes: 3 ½” by 4” and 6” by 4”. They are made using high quality leather for maximum durability and protection. Their sides are stitched to enhance their appearance. The pouches come in a variety of colors, such as orange, grey, brown, green and blue, among other great color tones to choose from.

The different colors ensure that the pouches match every unique personality, style and outfit out there. We use the latest leather coloring techniques in the market to ensure that our pouches are one of a kind in the market. This also ensures that every pouch we make is authentic and unique.

The leather pouches also come with customization packages. This enables our customers to order pouches made according to their preferences. Our custom pouches can also feature a monogram or logo upon the request of a customer at an additional fee.

The pouches are quite versatile, hence can be used for different purposes. Although the smaller pouches are mainly used to store coins, larger ones can be used to hold bigger items.

The pouches designed for use during any occasion, be it an office meeting or dinner out with the girls. Moreover, the leather pouches are very affordable.