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Prestige Office Accessories designs double and single letter trays for legal sized documents. Basically a storage device that can be used for storing documents or pages of various kinds and other articles, our letter trays are available as leather or plastic desk accessories. The plastic letter tray is formed as one-piece injection molded body, and is designed so that several trays can be vertically stacked upon one another. These trays typically have a floor panel, two side panels, and back panel, and an open forward end for the receipt of paper. We also design letter trays with a side opening.

Letter Tray Applications

Desk accessories such as letter trays, calendar and memo holders, pencil holders, vertical files have long been around a long time for organizing an office. From the beginning, the basic function of these office accessories has remained constant. They are intended for use either on a desk top or other horizontal surface, or on a wall or other vertical surface, and only in a horizontal or vertical position of orientation. Our letter trays are intended for use either on a desk top or on some other horizontal surface, i.e., a table or front desk. They can also be hung on a wall or some other vertical surface with the open forward end facing up for the receipt of paper. Designed for enhancing the process of visual orderliness by keeping projects organized and in view, these letter trays will help you keep your office organized.

Letter Tray Construction and Material

Our letter trays come in a variety of finishes and colors and will enhance almost any office décor. They are made from plastic or leather and are constructed as one single piece. The double letter trays give you approximately 2″ of room for letters and other articles in the lower tray.

Kinds of Letter Trays

Leather – Double and Single Letter Trays:

These letter trays offer the finest in traditional design through the richness of top-grain domestic leather. For the discerning executive who appreciates quality. These front and side opening legal-sized double letter trays are hand-wrapped in luxurious full-grain upholstery leather. The classic rectilinear design is sure to add a touch of elegance to your office or workspace. Our leather letter tray cover makes a wonderful addition to this selection. Double tray dimensions are 10 1/2″ W x 15″ L x 5 1/2″ H, while the single tray dimensions are 10 1/2″ W x 15″ L x 2″ H.

Plastic – Double and Single Letter Trays:

This elegant black legal-sized letter tray, with its radiused corners is sure to complement any traditional or contemporary workspace. Precision molded of rugged 1/8″ thick, impact-resistant ABS Plastic, so that it sits flush and won’t “rock” on your desk. Thick neoprene pads on the base serve to protect your work surface. Single tray dimensions are 10″ W x 14″ L x 2″ H, while the double tray dimensions are 10″ W x 14″ L x 6 1/4″ H.