Linoleum Desk Pads | Product Information

Prestige Office Accessories is pleased to offer a wide assortment of linoleum desk pads, each of which provides the most cost-effective protection available for your desk/worksurface or conference table. Our linoleum desk pads provide a comfortable, high-quality writing surface, as well as a convenient storage area for notes, file folders, and the like, helping to minimize the wear and tear on your desktop.

Our Linoleum Desk Pads are durable, functional, affordable, and ultimately biodegradable. They feature:

  • a glare-free matte surface finish, giving them an elegant, luxurious appearance
  • a warm, slightly springy surface, which is pleasant to the touch

Our Collection of Linoleum Desk Pads

Functions of Linoleum Desk Pads

A Linoleum Desk Pad from Prestige Office Accessories performs four basic functions:
  • It provides a smooth, comfortable writing surface – If you are looking for an affordable desk pad that is comfortable and easy to write on, our linoleum pads are the perfect choice. They’re soft and slightly springy to the touch, as they were designed to absorb the pressure and impact of all writing instruments, even the sharpest of pens. As a result, linoleum desk pads serve to facilitate a smooth and consistent appearance in handwriting.
  • It helps to protect the surface it covers from the effects of writing and other daily activities – In addition to providing a superior writing surface, our Linoleum Desk Pads protect the surface of the desk from any potential marks that may be caused by the writing instruments themselves, being transmitted to it, as well as from the scratches, scrapes, nicks, gouges, etc., that frequently result from the use of staples, staplers, paper clips, file folders, and so on. Additionally, a protective suede backing is applied to the underside of the pad, which cushions the desk from the pad itself, and keeps the pad situated in place
  • It serves as a temporary, non-stick storage area for notes, files and papers. Placing these items on a desk pad, significantly reduces the potential for the type of surface-finish damage commonly associated with the pushing, pulling, moving, or shuffling of such paperwork about the surface of the desk.
  • It adds aesthetic appeal – As mentioned earlier, the Linoleum Desk Pad’s matte surface exudes a soft, subtle elegance. This aesthetic characteristic causes them to be highly valued by both architects and designers of commercial office interiors. As such, they are certain to add to the aesthetics of any desk or worksurface, whether situated in the home or at the workplace.

Origins and Construction of Linoleum

Patented in England in 1863, by Frederick Walton, the word “linoleum” is derived from the latin words, linum, which means flax, and oleum, meaning oil.

Long popular in the manufacturing arena, particularly in assembly operations, where their anti-static and anti-glare characteristics render them highly desirable, Linoleum Desk Pads have lately been enjoying a renewed resurgence in popularity among architects, commercial office designers, facilities managers, and office workers. This is due, in part, to their aesthetic appeal, and their innate functionality.

Prestige Office Accessories’ Linoleum Desk Pads are fabricated from a special type of linoleum, called Furniture Linoleum. This design-oriented material is manufactured from natural, renewable raw materials, such as linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, and pigments, all of which are found in growing plants and trees.

Linoleum Desk Pads Are Constructed In Four Layers:

  • 1) layer of impregnated paper, or jute
  • 2) the linoleum granulate itself
  • 3) a coat of varnish
  • 4) the faux-suede backing

Applications for Linoleum Desk Pads:

Linoleum Desk Pads have become today’s affordable, aesthetic, functional choice. They satisfy the growing demand among discerning interior decorators, facility managers, office designers and employees. These desk pads can be used in both the home and commercial office, which allows for an increased versatility and design scope; one that would provide an inherent quality and natural beauty, but do so without sacrificing functionality. Linoleum desk pads can be used in virtually any office or industrial environment – they are as well-suited for use on desks or worksurfaces in the home office, or on desks situated on the shop floor of a manufacturing facility as they are in the workstations or executive suites of government officials or Fortune 500 companies.

The fact that they’re inherently anti-static, anti-glare, and dust free, in combination with their tactile qualities of warmth and softness, imbue them with much of the desired ergonomics needed to serve, for many individuals, as an excellent replacement for the mouse pad. Our Linoleum Desk Pads are currently being used in, among other places, home or residential offices, banks, investment firms, hospitals, hotels, casinos, libraries, law firms, schools, colleges and universities, industrial facilities, commercial offices, corporate headquarters, small businesses, U.S. and foreign embassies, and in U.S. Government and Military offices and facilities worldwide.

So, Why Select a Linoleum Desk Pad?

Linoleum is extremely long lasting and offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of design possibilities. Coated with a glare-free matte surface finish, the linoleum desk pad exudes an elegant, luxurious appearance. In addition to its “natural look”, linoleum’s unique tactile qualities give it a warm, slightly springy surface, that make it a pleasure to touch, resulting in a comfortable, yet resilient and highly functional writing surface. Additionally, due to the fact that minor surface scratches tend to “cure” and disappear over time, linoleum is chosen by many simply for its ease of care, as well as its ability to withstand the rigors of everyday use. As a result, linoleum desk pads are quite often selected for use in high-traffic or high volume work flow areas. That having been said however, it remains the affordable, aesthetic, and functional choice, for use in virtually any home or commercial office environment.

In Summary, the Advantages of Linoleum Desk Pads Are:

  • Affordability
  • Aesthetic Appeal – glare-free matte surface
  • Durability
  • Biodegradable
  • Ease of Care
  • Flexibility
  • A Natural But Luxurious Appearance
  • Ergonomic Qualities – Smooth Surface, which is Warm and Slightly Springy
  • Design Versatility and Scope