The Perfect Work from Home Gift Set

Dec 1, 2022 | Desk Pads

With COVID and the resulting aftermath, many employees transferred to hybrid or full work from home schedules. Whether you have a new or long term work from home employee name on your holiday shopping list, a desk set is a great idea to help them stay motivated in the long winter months ahead.

Custom Leather Desk Sets

At Prestige Office Accessories, we offer high quality leather desk sets featuring 2 piece, 3 piece, 5 piece, and 8 piece sets. These desk sets are perfect for someone setting up their work from home office and can be customized to their preferences and likes.

Our leather desk sets include a mix of the following accessories:

  • Leather desk pad
  • Leather pencil cup
  • Leather mouse pad
  • Leather letter tray
  • Leather wastebasket
  • Leather coaster
  • Leather business card holder
  • Leather library set

Leather Desk Pad and Leather Mouse Pad

Our high quality leather desk pads and mouse pads are an essential component of your work from home area as a way to protect your desk from any damage and to provide a smooth, clean surface to glide your mouse over. Our leather desk pads and mouse pads are durable and suede backed to prevent unwanted movement and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Leather Pencil Cup and Leather Letter Tray

Declutter your desk with our leather pencil cups and leather letter tray!

Our pencil cups are made from quality leather and come in a variety of colors so you can match your other desk accessories. Our leather letter trays are also customizable in size and color. Leather desk accessories upgrade your accessories and will help you to feel like you’re in your business office while working from the comfort of your own home.

Leather Coaster, Business Card Holder, and Library Set

Our leather coasters, business card holders, and library sets complete your work station, giving your desk an organized and professional feel. Like the rest of our desk accessories, these items are customizable in color so you can pick items that match in color, design, and style.

A complete and unified desk set will help to create the ideal environment for a truly productive work from home office.

Leather Wastebaskets and Garbage Cans

A leather wastebasket helps to tie your whole desk set together. They might not be the most glamorous, but the high quality leather makes them stand out!

As with our other desk set accessories, our leather desk wastebaskets are available in a variety of color options and are available in a standard 9” diameter x 15” classic size.

All Prestige office products are crafted from high quality materials built to last. This year, let your loved ones know you care and give them the gift of Prestige.