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Decorating With Our Leather Wastebaskets and Office Accessories!


Prestige Office Accessories offers a fine selection of leather wastebaskets and trash cans to help collect and organize the ever growing amount of waste and garbage generated in the workplace. Our genuine leather wastebaskets, also referred to as trash receptacles, trash cans, waste bins, or garbage cans, are commonly used in offices, factories, or homes to conveniently store office, factory or household refuse. In addition to its function as a garbage receptacle, leather wastebaskets give interior designers and architects the ability to hold trash, or recyclables in containers that are aesthetically pleasing. Here are some tips on choosing the right leather wastebasket for your office or home.


  • Not only will it give you years of reliable service, it provides design flexibility that other materials cannot.
  • With six color options available, our leather wastebaskets are easy to match to an existing set of office desk accessories, or to any of our own leather office accessories.
  • Our lined leather wastebaskets make the perfect waste receptacle for bathrooms that need a decorative touch.
  • Our leather wastebaskets are small enough to fit under most desks in home offices or studies.
  • Our leather wastebaskets are a popular choice for hotel rooms and hotel boardrooms.
  • Interior decorators looking to decorate office buildings, boardrooms and conference rooms, hotels, home offices, or home studies.

What Do Leather Wastebaskets Do?

Our genuine leather wastebaskets were initially designed with several functions in mind:

  • to collect the seemingly unlimited amount of paper generated by the office industry
  • to organize and sort that garbage and recycling into a manageable form that is easy to dispose of

With so many office products being packaged in cardboard or plastic, our genuine leather wastebaskets have to be sturdy enough to handle all sorts of garbage. They also have to be designed in such a way that it is as easy to put garbage in them, as it is to empty them; our lined rectangular wastebasket or lined round wastebasket allow for easy disposal of garbage without having to pick up the outer trash can.

Conveniently located throughout the office, our genuine leather waste receptacles have been developed to fit nicely under desks in offices or home offices.

Leather wastebaskets, in particular, meet certain design considerations. In addition to their sanitary and organizational functions, there is no reason why wastebaskets shouldn’t add to the aesthetic value of the workplace.

Our Collection of Leather Wastebaskets

How Our Leather Wastebaskets Are Made:

Our leather wastebaskets offer the elegance of traditional design through the richness of a corrected full-grain aniline dyed genuine leather coated with a durable, breathable protective finish.

Submerged in a dye bath according to a set level of dye penetration, the leather is processed for many uses including furniture and other architectural applications. This process preserves the pore structure of the leather displaying its natural and distinctive markings in a clear and distinctive way.

To seal the surface of the leather against spillage, staining, or other foreign substances, a durable but breathable finish is applied that preserves the moisture content of the leather as well as a proper pH balance.


Leather wastebaskets are the affordable, aesthetic choice for today’s discerning interior designers, satisfying the growing demand among architects, design specialists, and facilities managers everywhere. Leather is a versatile material that increases design scope, and adds an inherent quality of natural beauty to finished products. Leather-wrapped trash cans are best suited for indoor use and can be used in virtually any office building, home office, or industrial environment.

They are as well-suited for use on the shop floor of a manufacturing facility as they are in the workstations or executive suites of Fortune 500 companies. The inherent anti-static, dust free and soft tactile qualities of leather give the wastebaskets a warm ergonomic quality making them an excellent addition to any work environment.

Our leather wastebaskets are being used in banks, hospitals, hotels, libraries, law firms, U.S. Government and Military offices, industrial facilities, schools, universities, commercial office environments, corporate headquarters, home offices, and small businesses all over the world.

Why Select a Leather Wastebasket?

When selecting a wastebasket, size and depth are often your first concern.

Can it handle the type of waste in your office or factory? How much garbage can it hold? Sturdy construction and durability are also important considerations. In the final analysis, a leather wastebasket can meet all of these requirements.