Why Leather Makes the Best Desk Pads

Mar 28, 2022 | Desk Pads

In the second iteration of our three-part series on desk pad materials, today’s blog discusses the expanse of benefits leather desk blotters provide to your office environment. Today’s article goes into greater detail on the specific advantages leather desk pads provide, from easy to clean antimicrobial properties to sleek aesthetic additions. Read on to learn how leather desk blotters might just be the next step in improving your office setting and streamlining your productivity.

Quality & Comfort

Above all others, leather stands alone among our offerings as the sleekest and most luxurious material. While each material has its benefits and applicability, leather is a fan favorite for many notable reasons. At Prestige Office Accessories, we offer a wide variety of leather options to suit all tastes.

Leather provides a protective, soft natural grain that offers ideal support to your wrists and hands while you work, increasing both comfort and productivity. With a high-quality, full suede backing to minimize slipping, our leather desk blotters protect not just you, but your computer and your work surface as well. Offering cushioned support and the elegant grain of a natural material, leather desk blotters make catching up on work or school a much more enjoyable experience. Longlasting and durable, leather desk pads hold up against daily use and general wear and tear, maintaining the luxurious aesthetic you invested in for years to come.

Anti Microbial & Easy to Clean

Leather is a natural material and possesses some antimicrobial properties. The low porosity nature of this fabric prevents the absorption of liquids and odors, enhancing its durability and contributing to its long-lasting quality. Leather is also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

For general maintenance, simply wipe the surface of your leather desk blotter with a dry dust cloth. For settled stains or spills, blot the surface of your desk pad with a damp cleaning cloth and mild, leather-safe soap or cleaner. To ensure the safety of your leather material, always spot test your fabric with a cleaning product to ensure it is safe for leather.

Customization Capabilities

Perhaps one of its greatest aspects, leather is one of our most flexible options when it comes to personal customization. We love working with our clients to bring their creative ideas to life. Offered in a various host of colors and patterns, our leather desk blotters can provide a charming splash of color to your workspace. This is also extremely helpful for work-from-home setups, as the leather can be matched to current home decor.

Our customization options also include customizable shapes for specific desk types or panel additions. Our leather desk blotters can be formatted for several desk types including L shape desks or entire desk wraps to encompass the total surface of your working area. This also conveniently eliminates the need for a mouse pad. Additional panels can also be added to incorporate pen well pads to prevent pens from rolling off your desk.

There is so much room for additional creative flair and customization when working with leather. Other customizations include:

  • Standard embossing
  • Foil embossing
  • Aqua leather treatment
  • Stitching
  • Gold tooling

Leather is a luxurious, natural product that incorporates an element of elegance to your office or work from home space. At Prestige Office Accessories, we take pride in offering our clients a wide selection of leather types, colors, and patterns to meet all types of creative tastes. Call us today to get started on your perfectly customized desk pad!