Which Desk Pad Material Is Right For You?

Aug 25, 2017

Have you ever thought about how important a desk is? Whether you use yours at home, work, or school, your desk is an integral part of your everyday routine – it’s the place where ideas are born and things get done. You likely spend hours per day working away on your desk, either writing or working on the computer! With such a considerable amount of activity happening, our desk can see the brunt of it. After some time, a desk can start to look worn with scratches and stains from daily use. The good news is there are ways in which desks can be protected without having to sacrifice style or function.

Adding a desk pad to your workspace is one way to not only save your desk some wear and tear, but to also add some flavor to your office. Since you want your desk to continue to fully represent you or your brand, the next step is finding a desk pad that suits your style, budget, and functionality needs. Luckily, there are a wide variety of desk pads on the market, each one fitting these criteria in different ways. To make it easier to navigate towards the right desk pad for you, we’ve broken all of the desk pad materials we offer to help you find the ideal new addition to your office.

Classic Leather

Symbolic of power and authority, a leather desk pad will provide any office with a distinguished and professional look. A classic leather desk pad is a timeless option, while also offering unmatched comfort and protection. It will feel like you are writing on a cloud as your arm glides across the soft, velvety 100% pure and natural leather.
A desk pad that is made of authentic top-grain leather distinguishes itself from other materials as the natural hide will give each and every desk pad it’s own unique grain pattern, texture, color and finish. You’ll be left with a one of a kind piece that’s sure to catch all eyes that step into your office.

The leather surface on these desk pads is also slightly firmer than other materials, making it a durable solution to work on. The protective faux-suede backing holds them in place and cushions the pad from the work surface. If your desk is acquiring scratches and scrapes from staples, paper clips, or other office materials, a classic leather desk pad will not only prevent future damage but it will also add an impressive air of elegance to your office.

Our classic leather desk pads are available in the following sophisticated color options: Black, Graphite Grey, Forest Green, Evergreen, Chestnut Brown, Espresso Brown, White, Carrot Orange, Pumpkin Orange, Midnight Blue, Caribbean Blue, Turquoise, Rosa Red, and Grape Purple

Is Classic Leather Right For You?

• One of the highest-end materials available
• Completely one-of-a-kind in appearance that enhances with age
• Thick and durable
• Glare-free
• Faux-suede, stain-resistant backing
• Extremely easy to maintain and clean
• A versatile addition to any new or existing design theme

Glazed Leather

Another option in the leather desk pad family is glazed leather. Offering a captivating sheen when hit by the light, a glazed leather desk pad offers the same durability and high-end appeal as classic leather with the addition of the glossy touch. Offered as fully wrapped desk pads or as tasteful side panel accents on a linoleum desk pad, you can add as much or as little of this fanciful touch to your office as you’d like.

Since these desk pads are also made of genuine leather, you’ll find the same uniqueness in grain pattern, texture, and color as the classic leather desk pads. The added glossy sheen of this material will show it off further, enhancing the rich colors that these desk pads are available in.

Our glazed leather desk pads are available in the following exquisite color options: Black, Burgundy, Turf Brown, Honey Brown, Red, Green, and Navy

Is Glazed Leather Right For You?

• Light-catching glossy finish
• Enhanced appearance of grain pattern and texture variations
• Made from top quality raw hide
• Breathable surface that is easy to maintain
• Durable and long-lasting
• Faux-suede, stain-resistant backing

Distressed Leather

If you’re someone who loves the vintage look, a distressed leather desk pad is the perfect fit for you. The antiqued leather on these desk pads imitates a previous era; each line creased with wisdom from years past. All of these desk pads are hand distressed, creating a worn-in and matte appearance, with each one having it’s own unique pattern and gradient.

Once the color and texture is perfected during the hand-dying process, the leather is thoughtfully hand-wrapped around a 1/8” quality hardboard and backed with faux-suede to protect surfaces. A distressed leather desk pad will provide your office with the feel of a beautiful relic that has the quality of brand new genuine leather.

Our distressed leather desk pads are available in the following vintage color options: Pecan Brown, Nutmeg, Chocolate Brown, Garnet Red, Russet Red, Green, and Dark Grey

Is Distressed Leather Right For You?

• Antiqued appearance offering a vintage feel
• Precision dyed offering unique patterns of lightness and darkness
• Hand-distressed
• Made from 100% genuine leather
• Moisture and bacteria resistant
• Will develop a rich patina over time
• Faux-suede, stain resistant backing


You love the look and feel of leather but, unfortunately, it’s just not in your price range. If you’re someone who wants to protect your workspace or add a dash of color to your office but aren’t interested in breaking the bank to do it, a linoleum desk pad is a great solution.

Linoleum offers an extremely resilient and flexible surface, which makes it a highly desirable material for protecting surfaces and preventing scratches from occurring on the desk pad itself. The smooth and soft surface of a linoleum desk pad makes it easy to write on, and it will absorb the pressure and impact of writing, preventing any damage from even the sharpest pens or pencils.

Our linoleum desk pads are constructed of four layers – the first is impregnated paper, or jute, which has water-absorbing properties, making it great for standing up to any spills that may happen at your desk. The second layer is the linoleum granulate, followed by the third layer, a coat of varnish. Lastly, it is cut into the desired shape and backed by faux-suede for added protection and stability on the work surface.

Clearly this material is functional – but is it stylish? Absolutely. Our linoleum desk pads feature a low light reflective surface with a matte finish, and are available in countless colors and styles that are sure to coordinate with your space. The aesthetic appeal and functionality are highly recommended by architects, commercial office designers, facilities managers, and office workers. A linoleum desk pad is guaranteed to exude elegance and charm, resulting in the perfect accent to any at home or work office.

Our linoleum desk pads are available in the following elegant color options: Black and Burgundy

Is Linoleum Right For You?

• Budget-friendly
• Animal-friendly
• Biodegradable, made from all natural, renewable materials
• Biodegradable
• Antibacterial
• Low light reflective with a matte finish
• Heat-Resistant
• Doesn’t absorb or show fingerprints or scratches
• Faux-suede, stain resistant backing


A vinyl desk pad is another great choice if you’re looking for a material that is inexpensive but also highly functional. Similar to linoleum, vinyl is affordable, resilient, and elegant in appearance. It has been a trusted material in a variety of industries since its creation in the 1920s due to its durable and versatile functionality.
Our vinyl desk pads feature a leather-like grain and matte finish, offering a similar appearance to genuine leather for a lower price. The surface is slightly sleeker and smoother than genuine leather, making the vinyl desk pad an effortless place to write and complete tasks on. For a long-lasting, flexible and budget-friendly way to protect your desk and work comfortably, a vinyl desk pad is the way to go.

Our vinyl desk pads are available in the following rich color options: Black, Brown, and Forest Green

Is Vinyl Right For You?

• Budget-friendly
• Animal-friendly
• Smooth and comfortable writing surface
• Glare-free matte finish
• Firmer than leather and softer than linoleum
• Faux-suede, stain resistant backing

Classic Faux Leather

If you love the look and feel of real leather but could do without the price, or are looking for an animal-friendly solution, the classic faux leather desk pad is the solution for you. These desk pads mirror the appearance of genuine leather and come with their own durable and protective quality.
Made with 100% polyurethane and backed with a reinforced pollex, the classic faux leather desk pad is nature friendly and functional. The faux leather material used on these desk pads has the same exceptional strength, performance, and wear resistance as you would find with genuine leather.

Our classic faux leather desk pads are available in the following luxurious color options: Ebony, Bark, and Lipstick

Is Classic Faux Leather Right For You?

• Budget-friendly
• Nature-friendly, passes the Oeko-tex standard 100
• Animal-friendly
• Emulates the look of genuine leather
• Extremely resistant to wear and tear
• Cold-crack resistant
• Mildew resistant
• Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
• Faux-suede, stain resistant backing

Metallic Faux Leather

Our metallic faux leather line of desk pads is a bolder take on our classic faux leather material. For those that love flair and like to add it to their everyday routine, the metallic luster offered by this material will deliver it on a gold platter.

You can count on these desk pads to live up to the same quality as the classic faux leather desk pads as they are made of the same polyurethane and reinforced pollex materials. However, the metallic addition to the surface material of these desk pads will add that additional eye-catching shimmer to your office that you’re looking for. With reliable desktop protection and style, this desk mat outshines the rest.

Our metallic faux leather desk pads are available in the following striking color options: Light Gold, Bronze, and Muddy Bronze

Is Metallic Faux Leather Right For You?

• Glistening appearance
• Budget-friendly
• Nature-friendly
• Animal-friendly
• Extremely resistant to wear and tear
• Cold-crack resistant
• Mildew resistant
• Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial
• Faux-suede, stain resistant backing

Faux Ostrich Leather

A trendy and completely unique take on our faux leather can be found with our faux ostrich leather desk pads. Ostrich leather is one of the most sought-after materials in the world and is known for the rare pattern of bumps. The problem with authentic ostrich leather, however, is its extremely high price point. Our faux ostrich leather provides the perfect solution to this by imitating the look of authentic ostrich leather for a fraction of the price.

The faux ostrich material is comprised of a poly vinyl surface and proprietary top coating while the back is composed of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. These desk pads will not only be the envy of those that step into your office with its appearance, but their durability and reliability to last for years to come will also be unmatched.

Our faux ostrich leather desk pads are available in the following stylish color options: Sunflower, Mist, and Raw Hide

Is Faux Ostrich Leather Right For You?

• Budget-friendly alternative to in-demand authentic ostrich leather
• Animal-friendly
• Faux-suede, stain resistant backing
• Extremely resistant to wear and tear
• Effortless to care for and maintain

We hope this guide made it a little easier or you to navigate the world of desk pad materials and will help you choose the right one in terms of style, functionality and price. If you’re interested in further customizing your desk pad once you choose a material, our team can help you add the personalized touches you’re looking for to make it everything you envision – from logo embossing to custom sizing and more.