Turquoise Leather Desk Pad

This turquoise leather desk pad is a beautiful blend of blue and green, creating a calm and cooling appearance. This color is associated with balance, energy, and creativity, which will provide positive energy in any workspace. The vibrant hue will also bring a pop of color to your desk or table.

This beautiful hand-crafted piece will provide quality protection to your desk for years to come. Our desk protectors are made of the highest grade raw hide, which means we don’t need to sand out imperfections, making the end product thick and durable. For additional protection, each desk pad has a ⅛” thick hardboard core that can withstand the abuse of everyday activities. It’s also backed with a non-slip faux suede material.

Our desk pads are offered in nine standard sizes that range from 12×16” to 24×38”. If you have a space with specific dimensions, fill out our custom desk pad request form and we will send you a quote.


If you're looking for a genuine leather desk pad, desk mat, placemat, or blotter that you can't find on our site, please check out our custom desk pad request page.

Our 100% genuine leather desk pads provide a warm, comfortable, high quality writing surface, while the unmistakable look, feel and smell of genuine leather adds elegance to your workspace! The leather surface will absorb the scuffs and scrapes of everyday use, developing a rich patina over time, while the faux suede backing will help keep solid wood, wood veneer, or laminated work surfaces clean and scratch-free. Whether you handle paperwork, files, folders, etc. or use a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer, they’re ideal for everyday use. They even serve well as a mouse pad!

Available in several colors and sizes as shown, or in custom shapes, sizes or materials to suit your preference. Company or personal logos or graphics can be blind embossed, or gold or silver foil embossed.

All Prestige Office Accessories are made in the USA.

Core (substrate):

1/8" thick Masonite (hardboard) core for maximum strength and durability

Backing material:

Black, woven faux suede is used for its resistance to staining, and ease of maintenance. Unlike foam-backed desk pads, this faux-suede wont degrade over time and won't damage the surface underneath it.

Leather care:

Finished leather has a breathable, protective finish and is easily maintained by wiping with a cool, damp cloth. For tougher soiling, a small amount of pH balanced soap may be used as well. Repeat if needed. Please note that certain inks or stains cannot be removed from leather, so please exercise caution when attempting to remove such markings. Remember that leathers are all natural "skins", so treat them as you would treat your own skin. With proper care and maintenance, you’re sure to get many years of use and enjoyment from your leather desk pad.

About our Leather:

Leather is a natural product, and may therefore display slight variations in grain pattern, texture, color, and finish. These naturally occurring characteristics, unique to each hide, are your assurance of true top-grain leather, and are not considered defects. It is this uniqueness that affords one the luxury of owning a true "one-of-a-kind".

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12" X 16", 12" X 18", 16" x 20", 17" x 22", 18" X 24", 19" x 24", 20" X 34", 24" x 36", 24" X 38"

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    I’m very happy with the blotters that I’ve ordered.

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