Set of 4 Faux Leather Coasters With Holder

The set of 4 Faux Leather coasters with matching storage holder allows you to achieve elegance and functionality in any conference room. Available in 3 impressive color options.



ABOUT OUR Faux Leather:

Faux Leather (sometimes referred to as PVC) is a material that’s manufactured from plastic. The Faux Leather we use is referred to as backed, expanded Faux Leather, which is produced in thin sheets with a thin cloth backing applied. The result is a pliable material with an attractive matte finish and a distinctive faux leather grain, very closely resembling leather.

Faux Leather CARE:

Faux Leather can be spot cleaned using a warm, damp cloth and a small amount of a neutral detergent if needed.

Additional information

Faux Leather Color

Black Faux Leather, Brown Faux Leather, Grey Faux Leather, Sage Faux Leather, White Faux Leather


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